Dev Commentary Update (v1.123) Change Log (2019-07-23)

We hope everyone is having a great summer! We're back with a small update that adds developer commentary and titlescreen artwork selection! We had a lot of fun adding commentary to the game and we hope that you enjoy the small behind the scenes look!

We've also included various fixes for a few bugs that have been reported since the last update. We'll keep an eye out for any issues that crop up with this update and get the patch onto consoles ASAP.

----------- New Features -----------
  • Developer commentary!
    • Choose "Developer" as language option to enable
    • Recommended to start in the museum by talking to Veres
    • English only
  • Titlescreen artwork selection!
    • Press left or right at titlescreen to choose.
    • Must at least enter main menu to save selection.

----------- Quality of Life -----------
  • Nocturne now always shows arcana selection and gives you a fully random set. Token still prevents him from taking an arcana.
  • Exclamation emote added on Raffle Ticket to indicate free purchase.
  • Mentis Imperium now negates projectiles.
  • Conquerer's relics can now appear mid-run in stores.

----------- Bug Fixes -----------
  • Fixed issue that could cause frozen bosses in Boss Rush mode.
  • Fixed issue where Aegis Charge would disable some of the player's collision boxes.
  • Casting circles from Zeal's skills should no longer bug out.
  • Fixed some code that could cause misplaced objects in stages.
  • Cartographer's Quill now properly updates damage on pick up.
  • Cobalt Firestone damage should now scale properly without having to reqeuip it.
  • Fixed Dagger of Midas bug that occurred when resetting the game with it in the inventory.
  • Fixed buggy mouse hover and click behavior in options menu

Wizard of Legend (v1.122) Change Log (2019-06-06)

  • Boss Training Dummy added to Lanova Plaza
  • Bugfix for C-99 Piggy Bank
  • Bugfix for Albert's Formula

Boss Rush Update (v1.12 + v1.121) Change Log (2019-05-15)

----------- New in This Update -----------
  • Boss Rush mode now available via an NPC in Lanova Plaza (Requires completion of Chaos Trials)
  • Hard mode is now available via an NPC in Lanova Plaza and the Insignia of Legend relic no longer activates hard mode
  • 21 new relics added

----------- Quality of Life Changes -----------
  • Relics now show number values when applicable in the equip menu
  • Insignia of Legend now makes Chaos arcana available for purchase during the Chaos Trials
  • End of run summary screen updated to show the full player build
  • The last used cursed relic from Nox in Lanova Plaza is now guaranteed to be in stock the next visit
  • Treasure chests now show an indicator icon in the minimap
  • Doctor Song and Nocturne now prefer to take standard arcana before enhanced arcana when you request their services
  • Increased chance to find complimentary relic in shops when holding a combination relic during the Chaos Trials
  • Conga Drum Set cursed relic updated to make all players immune to exploding barrels
  • Flashy Boots cursed relic updated to allow dash arcana to activate up to three times per charge
  • Aegis Charge arcana has been reworked to be more effective overall
  • Stone Shot (Basic) arcana activation speed increased
  • Wind zone enemy visuals have been updated to look more like an enemy rather than a hazard
  • Various minor bug fixes
----------- v1.21 Change Log -----------
  • Fixed issue with relics not properly being cleared from inventory. This fixes the following reported issues:
    • Softlock with Pazu's Favorite Hat
    • Adorable Mimic not properly clearing inventory on pickup
    • Randomized runs that improperly show extra relics that should've been removed
    • Critical Placebo effects not resetting on death
    • Ressurect relics were all probably a bit wonky and now should be fixed
  • Nox's cursed relics in Lanova Plaza should now properly reset if you visit the museum
  • Fixed full health chime with Fall outfit
  • Fixed relic icons incorrectly showing up as activated in the UI
  • Fixed issue with Taffy not opening a red portal when defeated offscreen
  • Health is now restored at beginning of Boss Rush mode so that any removed relics don't affect the run
  • Fixed issue with Covert Ops Mask forcing zero crit chance
  • Added a "+" before stage count to indicate hard mode in the run summary

Sky Palace Update (v1.1) Change Log (2019-03-20)

Note: This is a free update that is now live on all platforms (PC/Mac/Linux, Switch, PS4, and Xbox)
We tried our best to document all the changes, but this is a fairly large update and we may have missed a few things! If you run into any issues, please drop us a line via email, Twitter, or Discord!

----------- Quick Overview -----------
  • New Sky Palace stage
  • Wind Sovereign Shuu joins the Magic Council
  • Over 20 new arcana and 20 new signatures
  • Endless Mode
  • Over 35 new relics
  • 3 new outfits
  • New enemies
  • And more!
----------- Change Log -----------
  • Description of arcana and relics in shops are now displayed in a pop up when you walk up to them
  • Training dummies now display total damage done when they reset to original position
  • Added UI notice to show when relics are lost
  • 5 new basic arcana
  • 5 new dash arcana
  • 12 new standard arcana
  • 22 new signatures
  • Lowered cost of signatures in Lanova Plaza to 50
  • Minor adjustments to existing arcana (see below)
  • 28 new relics
  • 9 new run modifier cursed relics
  • Minor adjustments to existing relics (see below)
  • 3 new outfits
  • Wind Sovereign Shuu added to the Magic Council
  • Elemental variations of lancers
  • Zoner enemies
  • Macho Ghoul
  • Crush Colossus mini boss
  • Laser Cyclops
  • Blob Barrager
  • Roller Blob
  • Air elemental versions of rogue, mage, knight, archer, and lancer
  • Mimics
  • Super Archer now does extra strafe attacks based on difficulty level
  • New NPC in the Chaos Trials that helps gather gems
  • Nox now sells special cursed relics in Lanova Plaza (must clear Chaos Trials once)
  • Mysterious Timekeeper NPC that enables endless mode (must clear Chaos Trials once)
  • Sky Palace stage
  • All stores and NPCs in the Chaos Trials now spawn a portal to the start of the stage until the mini boss room is discovered
  • 90+ new room variations
  • Minor new variations to stage props
  • 2 new arenas
Minor Arcana Adjustments
  • Absolute Finale cooldown reduced
  • Searing Rush cooldown reduced
  • Spike Track cooldown reduced
  • Ion Spike cooldown reduced
  • Frost Feint cooldown reduced
  • Voltaic Needle attack box adjusted to make it easier to hit
  • Exploding Fireball's signature version now burns on the final explosion
  • Mentis Imperium damage increased, cooldown lowered, and knockback increased
  • Toxic Bolas damage increased, poison level increased, root duration increased
  • Earthquake Axe now executes faster and causes less knockback
  • Embracing Vines now spawns a second row even when not empowered. Cooldown increased and root duration lowered
Minor Relic Adjustments
  • Friendship Bracelet now works even when only 1 player equips it (but with lowered effectiveness). It now also prevents PvP events after boss fights
  • Broken Plague Flask effects doubled and moved to Nox's store in Lanova Plaza
  • Large Red Button lowered health penalty and moved to Nox's store in Lanova Plaza
  • Abhorrent Cologne effects increased and moved to Nox's store in Lanova Plaza